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Get on the 261 to Enniskillen during Bus and Train Week 2019 with Translink. Experience all that Enniskillen has to offer. Fabulous food, top class hotels, Stairway to heaven awaits on Cuilagh or get on the Water! Hire a Water Taxi for a guided tour or get your own Red Boat and explore yourself!

Isn’t Fermanagh and Enniskillen great? So much to see, so much to do, so many great palces to stay, so many great places to eat! Check out our latest video and see what you think. And maybe let a friend outside the county know just how great we are!



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Enniskillen BID Ltd meet monthly in the Enniskillen BID office, The Buttermarket, Enniskillen. To become a BID Director, you must firstly become a BID Member.
Any BID Member who has paid their BID levy is entitled to be considered as a BID Director. For further information on becoming a director contact Noelle McAloon on +44 (0)77 3849 1832. Get involved with Enniskillen BID and work towards improving Enniskillen.

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