Enniskillen Murals

| Enniskillen BID

The Initial Idea

Enniskillen BID set out in 2017 to bring street art to the walls of Enniskillen. Finally 2021 saw the first Mural created in the town Centre, with inspiration coming from Oscar Wilde. After a few were created, momentum for murals was gaining and businesses were offering their walls to Enniskillen BID for the mural projects.

Pike are the main type of fish found in the waters of Lough Erne, the idea behind this mural. The pike brings colour to a dark, grey wall on Paget Lane. This location was offer by Joe the Baker where he operates his bread table.

November 2021 – Marian Noone “This is Friz”

One for Sorrow is located on the Ground level on Paget lane. This was the perfect spot for this mural, showing seven magpies from the rhyme ‘one for sorrow, two for joy…” showing magpies stealing a pair of old boots. This location was originally a shoe mender therefore very fitting for this mural.

November 2021 – Kevin McHugh

The most recent mural can be found on the side of Belmorecourt. The design incorporates the Cuilcagh Boardwalk, also known as the Stairway to Heaven. Located just outside Enniskillen, the popular boardwalk was the inspiration for this mural.

December 2022 – Marian Noone “This is Friz”

Enniskillen BID Murals have received overwhelming support and the staff at BID have enjoyed working with the very talented artists.

Keep an eye out for more murals coming soon to Enniskillen.