Enniskillen welcomes the Hydrobikes to the Island Town.

| Katarzyna Tomczak

Fancy Hydrobiking around Ireland’s only Island Town?! Well this year you can as a new tourist attraction has recently opened in Enniskillen.

Following the success of its hydrobikes hire service at Castle Archdale, outdoor leisure company, Erne Adventures, has recently introduced the alternative water crafts to Enniskillen, offering locals and tourists alike the opportunity to explore the island town by water.

The hydrobikes course leads around the island of Enniskillen, with safety boats and tour guides on hand if a user requires assistance. There’s always somebody close by to help them navigate around the parts of the town where there is boat traffic.

Peter Bradshaw, the owner of Erne Adventures, said that it’s “definitely nice” to be able to bring the hydrobikes to the Ireland’s only Island Town. Enniskillen provides something completely different – there’s so much to see, there’re so many sights around the town. There’s the Enniskillen castle, under the bridges and where you go past Portora, the Broadmeadow. There’s so many nice things to see in Enniskillen.

Why not gather up your family and friends and head for a trip around Enniskillen?! Erne Adventures is now open. Go follow their page and keep up to date with opening and booking news, this really is an adventure you don’t want to miss!