Enniskillen BID brings Creative Shop to town

| Noelle McAloon

If you have noticed some “creative” things happening around Enniskillen that would have been the team from Big Telly Enniskillen Creative Shop . Creative Shop is a programme of creative activity that engages whole communities. encourages local businesses to be the part of the town’s cultural and creative landscape. It builds networks, connects people and place, as well as encourages new audience.

Over the next couple of weeks, artist Janie Doherty & photographer Nigel Aiken will collaborate with local businesses to shine a playful light on what is on offer here. Get in touch with them if there’s anything you think they should know about Enniskillen!

Big Telly’s general manager, Fran Porter said: “we’re really happy to be working with withthe Enniskillen BID team. We have two more years of the project to run, so with any luck, if Enniskillen loves this shop, we’ll be able to come back. Absolutely everybody is welcome to get in touch, find out what they can get involved in or just pop in.”

The weekly menu of activity will be on Facebook page Big Telly Enniskillen Creative Shop.

The shop will be open most days and some evenings.

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The Big Telly Enniskillen Creative shop.