BID Making Christmas 22 in Enniskillen Better!

| Noelle McAloon

Enniskillen Business Improvement District work to improve the trading conditions in Enniskillen. 
This is achieved by delivering our Business Plan objectives which include; 
* Boosting Business
* Enticing Customers
* Enhancing the Experience. 
Enniskillen BID
have previously supported events, festivals and promotions to enhance and improve Enniskillen at Christmas time. 
With a new business plan 2022-2027, and after the pandemic, Enniskillen BID are in a position to offer support to event organisers who want to deliver something special within the Enniskillen Town Centre during the 2022 Christmas period.
It is important to note that Enniskillen BID Ltd is not a funding organisation. It receives revenue from the BID Levy, paid for by the business community. Proposals therefore must tie in with the ethos and themes of Enniskillen BID Ltd.
**Our Business Plan can be downloaded via under ‘About BID’

Enniskillen BID will consider proposals that meet these criteria:

•Event is based within the Enniskillen BID area. 

•Event is held over two weekends, minimum.

•Event will enhance the Christmas offer in Enniskillen and animate the area.

£10,000* is available from Enniskillen BID to improve & enhance project/s that meet the above criteria. *Maximum available.  Less than £10,000 can be requested but not more.  We reserve right to support more than one proposal.

To apply for financial  support •Please forward a short proposal to:

•Organisation details including main contact. •Project description & how it meets our criteria. •Provide details on how your project will meet each of our objectives: •How will it improve business trading in the BID Area? •How will it attract visitors to the BID Area? •How will it enhance the experience of those visiting the BID Area? •Please attached a projected income v’s expenditure.  Include any other applied for funding, secured funding, sponsorship etc. •Explain how the support of Enniskillen BID, up to £10,000, will improve the project.

Deadline for submission of proposal:  Wednesday 21 September 2022  

12 noon