Experience Enniskillen is an ongoing project from BID. A Business Improvement District is an initiative where businesses come together to decide what improvements are needed in their area, above and beyond those governed by statutory provision. This additionality will ensure that the direction of improvements will be identified by the businesses themselves led by a Task Team.

 A Business Improvement District (BID) for Enniskillen is where local businesses work together collectively to improve the area in which they trade. Enniskillen BID Ltd was established during December 2016 following a successful BID Ballot which allowed Enniskillen to become a BID Area.  The BID will raise funds through a levy which will be used to deliver the projects and initiatives which are set out in the Enniskillen BID Business Plan. Enniskillen BID have three themes which will work to benefit every business and sector in the BID area.

Boost Business

Will enhance the trading environment through BID supported initiatives and pilot projects to develop business capacity and skills and reduce costs. 

Entice Customers

Will promote the towns attributes to key markets. The BID will do this through professional sustainable branding and marketing campaigns, utilising on line technology and social media. 

Enhance Experience

Will work to improve the townscape and accessibility into and around Enniskillen

What is the aim of Enniskillen BID? 

The ultimate aim of BID is to increase footfall and improve trading in the island town of Enniskillen. Enniskillen BID will ensure that an investment of £1.2 million will be spent directly on projects that will directly affect the economy within Enniskillen. The BID will actively work to generate additional income such as grants and commercial sponsorship.  

Jim Masterson, member of Enniskillen Task Team said that Enniskillen BID provides an excellent opportunity for what many local business owners have been asking for man years, to have control on the allocation of funding to be spent directly on projects that will deliver. 

The Board

The Enniskillen BID is managed by a Board of Directors who work to ensure the Enniskillen BID Business Plan is delivered from 2018 – 2022.  The Directors work to deliver on initiatives and projects that will improve the entire BID area. 


  • Anna Devlin – Chairperson
  • Pat Blake – Interim Joint Chairperson 
  • Cllr. T Maguire
  • Fintan O’Doherty
  • Jonathan Styles
  • Jonathan Poots
  • Reggie Ferguson
  • Carol Viney
  • Terry McCartney
  • Nicky Cassidy

Become a member

Enniskillen BID Ltd meet monthly in the Enniskillen BID office, The Buttermarket, Enniskillen.  To become a BID Director, you must firstly become a BID Member. 

Any BID Member who has paid their BID levy is entitled to be considered as a BID Director. For further information on becoming a director contact Noelle McAloon on +44 (0)77 3849 1832.

Get involved with Enniskillen BID and work towards improving Enniskillen.